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• Former Miss fitness NSW & Ms Eastcoast Australia 2001.
• Former boxing Coach, at the Kostya Tszyu boxing Academy 2005-2015.
Boxing was a direction I never thought I would take, it all came about after meeting a heavy weight champion in Las Vegas where I lived back in 1996 for 4 years. I loved it so much that when I returned to Australia I got more involved with teaching box fit when it started coming
out in 1998.
I have always worked full time and had fitness where I mentored and coached for years, as a part time passion. I love helping clients reach their goals. I have represented fighters in charity fights & Master fights. Training novice fighters, through my time at the Kostya Tszyu gym.  I had been given the chance to take part in a charity fight in 2013 for Camp Quality winning the main event.

• Competed in Figure ICN QLD , Oct 2017
The journey saw me lose 16 kgs in 4.5 months & compete after 16 years back into bodybuilding aged 45 years old, decision I made after my son was born in 2016.

It was seeing the transformation of myself. It wasn’t about the placing, the journey was to see the remarkable change I made with myself physically and especially the mental side.

• ANB-Darling Down Classics Coming 2nd in Figure routine. May 2018
• WFF-Southern Hemisphere 2nd place Figure Performance. June 2018
• WFF-Ms Universe Singapore 2nd place Figure Performance. July 2018
• ICN South coast 2nd place figure 40 plus 2020
• ICN state NSW 1st place sports model 40 plus 2020
• ICN South Coast 3rd place sports 2nd momma 2020
• ICN South coast 2nd place figure 40 plus 2020
• ICN state NSW 1st place sports model 40 plus 2020
• Represented Australia on Team Alphaxflex International for WFF Federation 2018

It took me less than a year from stepping on that stage 2017 & competing International in 2018, to see that dream final come alive.
It was difficulty to lose the weight after the birth of my son in 2016, after I had been fit for so long, had challenges with IVF & while been pregnant, to try and carry my son, that ended me been bed ridden for 3 months. Not even a walk around the block was allowed.
It has been a challenging journey that has made me stronger in so many ways. Fitness is like life the harder it gets the stronger you become.
So my advice to my followers is never give up, set some small goals and work from there.
• My autobiography
A book I wrote that took 4 years to put together.
Lioness My fighting Spirit
Published in 2019 and went International.

• 2020 – 2021
Writing for a online magazine Source Mama.
Keeping fit and healthy while raising a child with a disability. Read Now.
Why fitness is my medicine. Read Now.