My Story

My name is Silvana Ghoussain, I grew up in western Sydney in the Seventies and Eighties this is where the story of my colourful and at times turbulent life began.

I was born in 1972 in Sydney women’s Hospital the daughter of Lebanese migrants living in Marrickville and later moving to Guildford western Sydney was the start of a life that would be full of challenges. As my parent’s spoke little English, Arabic was my first spoken language and with no family here in Australia and my father working two jobs to support his family.  School would be my first challenge as first I had to break down the communication barrier as my English was still very poor and in time I would attend ESL (English Speech Language School).

Lioness: My Fighting Spirit love • family • triumph

“A personal story of a woman’s ability and determination to succeed and overcome the problems and difficulties presented throughout her life and how she emerged a stronger and highly motivated person”.

“A must read for any one wanting to be inspired, to remind us how strong we can really be when life throws challenges at us. A good book to have on your coffee table for those days you are feeling down and need some motivation and inspiration! Silvana is a woman with big heart and an even bigger spirit”.

“A raw and inspiring story of one woman’s journey through life and how she dealt with abuse, racism, despair and discrimination. A story of determination, forgiveness and triumph despite the odds”.